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Trend Chart on Orphans – February 23rd, 2019

FEATURE STORY  ● Long-term evaluation of AAV-CRISPR genome editing for Duchenne muscular dystrophy GENE THERAPY ● Dual AAV-mediated gene therapy restores hearing in a DFNB9 mouse model   ● Long-term correction of hemophilia B using adenoviral delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 RARE DISEASES ● Characterization and treatment of congenital thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura ● Targeting angiogenesis in…..

1eres Journées Polepharma de microbiomique

1eres Journées Polepharma de microbiomique Le cluster de production pharmaceutique Polepharma organise ses premières journées de microbiomique les 9 et 10 avril prochains à l'UFR Santé de l'université de Rouen. Le programme a été co-construit entre académiques, start-up, PME et grands industriels de la pharma présents au sein du premier…..

Antibiotic development increased, but still insufficient

Antibiotic development increased, but still insufficient While the pipeline of new antibiotics has improved over the past six years, momentum in the development of new infection-fighting agents remains inadequate and could take a significant downturn without new incentives, a report released in Clinical Infectious Diseases shows. This report, an update of progress…..

Imabiotech boosts its strategic partnerships

Imabiotech, a French CRO based in Lille (France) and in Boston (USA), is expanding its range of services. This company is offering innovative imaging services and software to the pharmaceutical research sector.  These services are based on histology combined to label free molecular imaging (Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging, QMSI) . This technology…..

Trend Chart on Microbiota – January 16, 2019

FEATURE STORY ●  AllergoOncology: microbiota in allergy and cancer - an EAACI position paper BASIC SCIENCE ● The 1000IBD project: multi-omics data of 1000 inflammatory bowel disease patients ● Effect of the nursing mother on the gut microbiome of the offspring during early mouse development ● Enhancement of the gut barrier integrity by…..