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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2017-05-16 Noxxon Pharma (Germany) National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg (Germany) NOX-A12 (olaptesed pegol) and Keytruda® (pembrolizumab) metastatic pancreatic cancer, metastatic colorectal cancer clinical research Cancer - Oncology Clinical research agreement
2017-05-16 Oryzon Genomics (Spain) nomination Nomination
2017-05-10 Chugai Pharmaceutical (Japan) JW Pharmaceutical (Republic of Korea) emicizumab (ACE910 - anti-factor IXa x anti-factor X humanized bispecific antibody) hemophilia A licensing Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Hematological diseases Licensing agreement
2017-05-09 Vaxxim (Germany) Merck KGaA (Germany) Pfizer (USA - NY) VXM01 and avelumab (MSB0010718C) colorectal cancer, glioblastoma clinical research Cancer - Oncology Clinical research agreement
2017-05-09 Kymab (UK) nomination Nomination
2017-05-09 Sanofi (France) Exscientia (UK) research - R&D - licensing Metabolic diseases Research agreement
2017-05-08 Ipsen (France) Sanofi (France) five consumer healthcare products including Prontalgine® pipeline acquisition Pipeline acquisition
2017-05-08 Pharmaxis (Australia) Chiesi (Italy) Bronchitol® (mannitol) cystic fibrosis distribution Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Distribution agreement
2017-05-08 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (USA - NY) Sillajen (Republic of Korea) REGN2810 in combination with Pexa-Vec (pexastimogene devacirepvec) renal cell carcinoma clinical research Cancer - Oncology Clinical research agreement
2017-05-05 Seattle Genetics (USA - WA) Immunomedics (USA - NJ) sacituzumab govitecan (IMMU-132) solid tumors licensing Cancer - Oncology Termination of an agreement
2017-05-05 Lundbeck (Denmark) restructuring Restructuring
2017-05-05 MDxHealth (Belgium) GROW - the School for Oncology and Developmental Biology at the Maastricht University Medical Centre (The Netherlands) (epi)genetic-based assays research - R&D Cancer - Oncology Research agreement
2017-05-04 Karo Bio (Sweden) - Pfizer (USA - NY) novel small molecule RORgamma modulators for the treatment of autoimmune diseases autoimmune diseases R&D Autoimmune diseases Milestone
2017-05-04 Novartis (Switzerland) Conatus Pharmaceuticals (USA - CA) emricasan NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) and chronic liver diseases development, licensing, commercialisation Hepatic diseases - Liver diseases Exercise of an option agreement
2017-05-04 Swedish Orphan Biovitrum - SOBI (Sweden) nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Hematological diseases Nomination
2017-05-04 Crispr Therapeutics (Switzerland - UK) nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Nomination
2017-05-03 Servier (France) Miragen Therapeutics (USA -CO) three drug candidates, including two of miRagen’s lead programs (miR-208 and miR-15/195), one additional target , MicroRNA-92 and MRG-110 cardiovascular diseases R&D commercialisation Cardiovascular diseases R&D agreement
2017-05-03 AstraZeneca (UK) Pieris Pharmaceuticals (Germany) Anticalin® platform, including PRS-060 asthma development - commercialisation Allergic diseases – Inflammatory diseases – Respiratory diseases Development agreement
2017-05-03 Swedish Orphan Biovitrum - SOBI (Sweden) new office in Athens establishment of a new subsidiary in the EU Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Establishment of a new subsidiary in the EU
2017-05-02 Celyad (Belgium) Novartis (Switzerland) licensing Licensing agreement