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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2017-08-18 Medivir (Sweden) Ascletis (China) MIV-802 hepatitis C licensing Infectious diseases Licensing agreement
2017-08-16 Abcam (UK) TTP Labtech (UK) reagent kits for the quantification of secreted proteins collaboration - research - R&D Technology - Services Collaboration agreement
2017-08-11 Oxford Biomedica (UK) Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (UK) Stratophase (UK) Synthace (UK) gene and cell therapy manufacturing collaboration Technology - Services Collaboration agreement
2017-08-10 Reprocell (Japan) Reprocell Europe (UK) Reprocell Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery opening of new premises Technology - Services Opening of new premises
2017-08-03 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (USA - NY) Sanofi (France) fully human therapeutic antibodies development - commercialisation Autoimmune diseases – Inflammatory diseases - Rheumatic diseases - Dermatological diseases Termination of an agreement
2017-08-02 Biophytis (France) nomination Ageing diseases - Muscle disorders - Ophtalmological diseases Nomination
2017-07-31 Onxeo (France) Vectans Pharma (France) Sitavig® (acyclovir Lauriad™), Loramyc® (miconazole Lauriad™) labial herpes, oropharyngeal candidiasis product acquisition Infectious diseases Product acquisition
2017-07-27 Galapagos (Belgium) Servier (France) small molecule candidate drugs including GLPG1972/S201086 osteoarthritis R&D development licensing Rheumatic diseases - Inflammatory diseases – Bone diseases Exercise of an option agreement
2017-07-27 Takeda Pharmaceutical (Japan) Tesaro (US - MA) niraparib licensing - devlopment - commercialisation Cancer - Oncology Licensing agreement
2017-07-27 AstraZeneca (UK) Merck&Co (USA - NJ) Imfinzi® (durvalumab), Keytruda® (pembrolizumab), Lynparza® (olaparib), selumetinib collaboration - development Cancer - Oncology Collaboration agreement
2017-07-26 Emergent BioSolutions (USA - MD) Valneva (France - Austria) ZIKV-VLA1601 Zika virus infection licensing - collaboration Infectious diseases Licensing agreement
2017-07-24 Eli Lilly (USA - IN) Nektar Therapeutics (USA - CA) NKTR-358 development - commercialisation Autoimmune diseases – Inflammatory diseases Development agreement
2017-07-24 Seattle Genetics (USA - WA) Genentech, a member of Roche Group (USA - CA - Switzerland) SGN-LIV1A and atezolizumab triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) clinical research Cancer - Oncology Clinical research agreement
2017-07-20 Roche (Switzerland) Oryzon Genomics (Spain) inhibitors of Lysine Specific Demethylase-1 (LSD1; KDM1A) including ORY-1001 (RG6016) acute myeloid leukaemia research - development - licensing Cancer - Oncology Termination of an agreement
2017-07-20 Recipharm (Sweden) LIDDS (Sweden) Liproca®Depot prostate cancer production - manufacturing Cancer - Oncology Production agreement
2017-07-20 Emergent BioSolutions (USA - MD) GSK (UK) raxibacumab anthrax product acquisition Infectious diseases Product acquisition
2017-07-19 GSK (UK) UK manufacturing network restructuring Infectious diseases - Respiratory diseases Restructuring
2017-07-18 Novimmune (Switzerland) Baxalta (USA - IL) now Shire (UK - USA) novel bispecific antibodies based on kappa-lambda bispecific antibody technology hemophilia A R&D - research Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Hematological diseases Research agreement
2017-07-18 4SC (Germany) Maruho (Japan) inhibitor of the Kv1.3 ion channel licensing Autoimmune diseases - Dermatological diseases Licensing agreement
2017-07-17 BiogenIdec (USA - MA) Isis Pharmaceuticals , now Ionis Pharmaceuticals (USA - CA) antisense therapies for neurological diseases neurological diseases, neuromuscular diseases development Neurological diseases - Neuromuscular diseases Milestone