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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2017-12-12 Chugai Pharmaceutical (Japan) chief executive officer nomination Cancer - Oncology - Immunological diseases Nomination
2017-12-12 Allergy Therapeutics (UK) Ergomed (UK) three OralVac immunotherapy products grass pollen allergy, tree pollen allergy, house dust mite allergy development Allergic diseases - Immunological diseases - Respiratory diseases Development agreement
2017-12-12 Eyevensys (France) chief executive officer nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Ophtalmological diseases Nomination
2017-12-10 Medivir (Sweden) Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a J&J company (USA - NJ) simeprevir hepatitis C
  • licensing - research
Infectious diseases Termination of an agreement
2017-12-06 Servier (France) Vernalis (UK) drugs for a new undisclosed target R&D - research Cancer - Oncology Milestone
2017-12-06 Nosopharm (France) member of the supervisory board nomination Infectious diseases Nomination
2017-12-06 Juno Therapeutics (USA - WA) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (USA - WA) OncoTracker (USA - CA) combinations of gamma secretase inhibitors (GSIs) and BCMA-directed engineered T cells multiple myeloma licensing Cancer - Oncology Licensing agreement
2017-12-05 Crossbeta Biosciences (The Netherlands) Probiodrug (Germany) biomarkers Alzheimer's disease collaboration Neurodegenerative diseases Collaboration agreement
2017-12-05 Juno Therapeutics (USA - WA) Eli Lilly (USA - IN) LY3039478 multiple myeloma licensing Cancer - Oncology Licensing agreement
2017-12-04 Cellectis (France) vice-president nomination Cancer - Oncology - Rare diseases Nomination
2017-12-04 Cellectis (France) vice-president - chief medical officer nomination Cancer - Oncology - Rare diseases Nomination
2017-11-29 Illumina (USA - CA) Solutions Center on the Genopole Campus in Évry establishment of a new subsidiary in the EU Technology - Services Establishment of a new subsidiary in the EU
2017-11-29 Bluebird bio (USA - MA) manufacturing facility in Durham plant acquisition Plant acquisition
2017-11-27 Philips (The Netherlands) Stratasys (USA - MN) 3D Systems (USA - IL) advanced 3D modeling applications for radiologists collaboration Technology - Services Collaboration agreement
2017-11-27 Biomarin Pharmaceutical (USA - CA) undisclosed Rare Pediatric Disease Priority Review Voucher (PRV) Rare diseases Commercialisation agreement
2017-11-13 AdAlta (Australia) XL-protein (Germany) PASylation® technology applied to AD-114 fibrosis licensing Fibrotic diseases Licensing agreement
2017-11-13 Crispr Therapeutics (Switzerland - UK) Casebia Therapeutics (UK) Curevac (Germany) Cas9 mRNA constructs liver diseases collaboration Hepatic diseases - Liver diseases Collaboration agreement
2017-11-12 Restructuring
2017-11-09 Dynacure (France) Ionis Pharmaceuticals (USA - CA) IONIS-DNM2-2.5Rx (Dyn101) centronuclear myopathy (CNM) licensing Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Licensing agreement
2017-11-06 VBL Therapeutics (Israel) NanoCarrier (Japan) VB-111 (ofranergene obadenovec) development - licensing - commercialisation Cancer - Oncology Licensing agreement