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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2018-05-15 Horama (France) chairman of the board of directors nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Ophtalmological diseases Nomination
2018-04-12 GSK (UK) Orchard Therapeutics (UK) Molmed (Italy) approved and investigational rare disease gene therapies including Strimvelis® adenosine deaminase severe combined immunodeficiency (ADA-SCID), metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD), Wiskott Aldrich syndrome (WAS) , beta thalassaemia, mucopolysaccharidosis type 1 (MPS1 or Hurler syndrome), chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), globoid cell leukodystrophy (GLD) pipeline acquisition Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Pipeline acquisition
2018-03-28 Celgene (USA - NJ) Bluebird bio (USA - MA) product candidates targeting B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) including bb2121 and bb21217 multiple myeloma collaboration - development Cancer - Oncology Development agreement
2018-03-26 Nanomedsyn (France) Shire (UK - USA)
  • enzyme replacement therapy using AMFA (recombinant human acid alpha-glucosidase conjugated with mannose-6-phosphate analogues)
undisclosed lysosomal disease R&D - research Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Research agreement
2018-03-21 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (USA - MA) Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (USA - NY) RNAi therapeutics NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) and potentially other related diseases R&D - research Hepatic diseases - Liver diseases Research agreement
2018-02-20 Voyager Therapeutics (USA - MA) Abbvie (USA - IL) vectorized antibodies directed against tau Alzheimer’s disease and other tau-related neurodegenerative diseases development - commercialisation Neurodegenerative diseases Development agreement
2018-02-15 Oxford Biomedica (UK) Bioverativ (USA - CA) lentiviral vectors to treat haemophilia hemophilia licensing - collaboration Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Hematological diseases Licensing agreement
2018-02-05 Orchard Therapeutics (UK) member of the scientific advisory board nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Nomination
2018-02-05 Oryzon Genomics (Spain) member of the scientific advisory board nomination Cancer - Oncology - Neurodegenerative diseases Nomination
2018-01-31 Aicuris (Germany) Merck&Co (USA) investigational medicines targeting Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV), including letermovir (AIC246) treatment and prevention of HCMV infection in transplant recipients licensing - development - commercialisation Infectious diseases - Transplantation Milestone
2018-01-30 AB Biosciences (USA - MA) Shire (UK - USA) pan receptor interacting molecule (PRIM) program licensing - development - commercialisation Autoimmune diseases Licensing agreement
2018-01-25 Synpromics (UK) UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (UK) synthetic tissue-specific promoters for use in the specialised cells of the immune system pathologies affecting the haematopoietic system research - development Cancer - Oncology - Immunological diseases Development agreement
2018-01-22 Sillajen (Republic of Korea) ABL Europe (France) Pexa-Vec (formerly JX-594), JX-970 production - manufacturing Technology - Services - Cancer - Oncology Production agreement
2018-01-18 Gilead Sciences (USA - CA) Pfizer (USA - NY) Yescarta™ (axicabtagene ciloleucel) and utomilumab large B-cell lymphoma refractory large B-cell lymphoma clinical research Cancer - Oncology Clinical research agreement
2018-01-17 Homology Medicines (USA - MA) member of the board of directors nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Nomination
2018-01-17 Synpromics (UK) vice-president nomination Technology - Services Nomination
2018-01-10 Ipsen (France) vice-president nomination Cancer - Oncology - Rare diseases - Neurological diseases Nomination
2018-01-10 Aimmune Therapeutics (USA - CA) Archer Daniels Midland (USA -IL) peanuts and tree nuts and exclusively supplies the starting material for AR101 peanut allergy production - manufacturing   Allergic diseases Production agreement
2018-01-10 Basilea Pharmaceutica (Switzerland) Pfizer (USA - NY) Cresemba® (isavuconazole) life-threatening invasive mold infections licensing Infectious diseases Licensing agreement
2018-01-08 Sanofi (France) Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (USA - NY) bispecific antibodies and monoclonal antibodies including REGN3500, dupilumab and programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) inhibitor cemiplimab collaboration - development - commercialisation Allergic diseases - Cancer - Oncology Collaboration agreement