Date: 2021-05-13

Type of information: Research agreement

Compound: artificial intelligence (AI)-driven RNA splicing platform, SpliceCore®

Company: Biogen (USA - MA) Envisagenics (USA - NY)

Therapeutic area: CNS diseases - Neurological diseases - Neurodegenerative diseases

Type agreement:

 collaboration research

Action mechanism: AI RNA splicing

Disease: CNS diseases


  • On May 13, 2021, Biogen and Envisagenics  announced a new collaboration to advance RNA splicing research within central nervous system (CNS) diseases. As part of the collaboration, Biogen will leverage Envisagenics’ proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-driven RNA splicing platform, SpliceCore®, to define and understand the regulation of different RNA isoforms in CNS cell types.
  • Traditionally, the process of detecting, cataloging and interpreting RNA splicing errors has been laborious, slow and costly. However, by tapping into Envisagenics’ machine learning algorithms and high-performance computing, Biogen may now be able to identify, test and validate splicing errors at scale. Through this collaboration, Biogen will gain access to SpliceCore’s database of approximately seven million potential RNA splicing errors, which is the largest database of splicing errors in the world. This will provide Biogen with a broader lens to evaluate splicing events that may be targeted for therapeutic gain. In addition, collaboration aligns to Biogen’s broader objective of identifying and validating genetic targets of disease to increase the probability of success in CNS drug discovery.

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