Fundraisings and IPOs

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Number of results: 1487
Date Company Amount Funding type Investors Therapeutic area Type of Information
2018-11-26 Adrenomed (Germany) € 24 million series D financing round HBM Healthcare Investments (Switzerland) Wellington Partners (Germany - UK) Inflammatory diseases Series D financing round
2018-11-02 Omeicos Therapeutics (Germany) € 17 million series C financing round Forbion Capital Partners (The Netherlands) Vesalius Biocapital (Luxembourg) SICAR (Luxembourg) VC Fonds Technologie Berlin (Germany) Hightech Gruenderfonds II GmbH & Co. KG (HTGF) (Germany) KfW Group (Germany) The Falck Revocable Trust, members of the management Cardiovascular diseases - Ophtalmological diseases Series C financing round
2018-10-30 Orchard Therapeutics (UK) IPO Rare diseases - Genetic diseases IPO
2018-10-25 89Bio (USA - CA) $60 million series A financing round OrbiMed (USA - NY) Longitude Capital (USA - CA) RA Capital Management (USA - MA) Pontifax (Israel) Hepatic diseases - Liver diseases Series A financing round
2018-10-23 Cerevel Therapeutics (USA - MA) $350 million financing round Pfizer (USA - NY) Bain Capital (USA - MA) CNS diseases Financing round
2018-10-18 Oxford Nanopore Technologies (UK) £50 million ( $66 million ) private placement Amgen (USA - CA) Technology - Services Private placement
2018-10-18 Krystal Biotech (USA - PA) $60.0 million private placement Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Private placement
2018-10-17 Iovance Biotherapeutics (USA - CA) $252 million private placement Cancer - Oncology Private placement
2018-10-17 Acticor Biotech (France) € 15.3 million series B financing round Newton BioCapital (Belgium) CapDecisif Management (France) Mirae Capital (South Korea) CMS Medical Venture Investment (China) A&B (China) Cerebrovascular diseases Series B financing round
2018-10-16 Locate Bio (UK) £ 0.5 million financing round Mercia Technologies (UK) Regenerative Medicine Financing round
2018-10-15 Allogene Therapeutics (USA - CA) $372.6 million IPO Cancer - Oncology IPO
2018-10-10 Secarna Pharmaceuticals (Germany) grant European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme Rare diseases - Fibrotic diseases - Lung diseases Grant
2018-10-10 Histogenics (USA - MA) $15.4 million private placement Regenerative Medicine - Bone diseases Private placement
2018-10-10 RoslinCT (UK) Reprocell (UK) £1.2 million grant Innovate UK (UK) Technology - Services Grant
2018-10-05 Epizyme (USA - MA)  $86.25 million private placement Cancer - Oncology - Rare diseases Private placement
2018-10-05 Alligator Bioscience (Sweden) 500 000 SEK (€ 47 845) grant Vinnova, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Sweden) Cancer - Oncology Grant
2018-09-28 KSQ Therapeutics (USA - MA) $80 million series C financing round Flagship Pioneering (USA - MA) Polaris Partners (USA - MA) ARCH Venture Partners (USA - IL) Alexandria Equities (USA - CA) Baillie Gifford (UK) Cowen Healthcare Investments (USA - NY) Invus (USA - NY) Lilly Asia Ventures (China) Cancer - Oncology - Immunological diseases - Rare diseases Series C financing round
2018-09-26 Minoryx Therapeutics (Spain) €21.3 million series B financing round Chiesi Ventures (Italy) Caixa Capital Risc (Spain) HealthEquity (Spain) Fund+ (Belgium) Idinvest Partners (France) Kurma Partners (France) Sambrinvest (Belgium) Kurma Partners (France) Ysios Capital (Spain) SFPI-FPIM, S.R.I.W Rare diseases Series B financing round
2018-09-20 Fate Therapeutics (USA - CA) private placement Cancer - Oncology - Immunological diseases Private placement
2018-09-20 Y-mAbs Therapeutics (USA - NY) IPO Cancer - Oncology IPO