Fundraisings and IPOs

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Number of results: 1351
Date Company Amount Funding type Investors Therapeutic area Type of Information
2018-02-05 Metrion Biosciences (UK) £200 000 grant Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Award scheme (UK) Autoimmune diseases - Neurodegenerative diseases Grant
2018-02-02 Viking Therapeutics (USA - PA) $55 million private placement Endocrinological diseases - Metabolic diseases Private placement
2018-02-02 Medivir (Sweden) 155 million SEK (€ 15.75 million) Infectious diseases Private placement
2018-01-23 Tmunity Therapeutics (USA - PA) $ 100 million series A financing round Ping An Ventures (China) Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (USA - CA) Gilead Sciences (USA - CA) Be The Match BioTherapies University of Pennsylvania (USA - PA) Lilly Asia Ventures (China) Cancer - Oncology - Autoimmune diseases - Infectious diseases Series A financing round
2018-01-23 Skyhawk Therapeutics (USA - MA) $ 8 million financing round Tim Disney, the Duke of Bedford, Alexandria Venture Investments (USA - MA) and other undisclosed private investors Cancer - Oncology - Neurological diseases Financing round
2018-01-16 Arbutus Biopharma (Canada) US$116.4 million private placement Roivant Sciences (CH - USA) Infectious diseases Private placement
2018-01-05 Advicenne (France) €27.8 million IPO Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Pediatric diseases IPO
2018-01-04 Enterome Bioscience (France) €40 million loan European Investment Bank (EIB) Liver diseases - Hepatic diseases - Inflammatory diseases - Digestive diseases - Cancer - Oncology Loan
2018-01-04 Enterome Bioscience (France) €32 million ($38.5 million) series D financing round BMS (USA - NY) Principia SGR (Italy) Health For Life Capital (Seventure) (France) Lundbeckfond Venture (Denmark) Nestlé Health Science (Switzerland) Omnes Capital (France) Liver diseases - Hepatic diseases - Inflammatory diseases - Digestive diseases - Cancer - Oncology Series D financing round
2018-01-04 Acticor Biotech (France) €3.9 million financing round Primer Capital (Russia) Anaxago (France) CapDecisif Management (France) private investors Cerebrovascular diseases Financing round
2017-12-29 Armo BioScience IPO Cancer - Oncology IPO
2017-12-22 Sagetis Biotech (Spain) undisclosed grant Duchenne Parent Project España (Spain) Cancer - Oncology - Rare diseases Grant
2017-12-21 Taris Biomedical (USA - MA) $ 25 million series B financing round BMS (USA - NY) Flagship Pioneering (USA - MA) Norma Investments (UK) Polaris Partners (USA - MA) RA Capital Management (USA - MA) Yonghua Capital (China) Cancer - Oncology Series B financing round
2017-12-20 Orchard Therapeutics (UK) $110 million (£85 million) series B financing round Baillie Gifford (UK) ORI Capital Temasek (Singapore) Cowen Healthcare Investments (USA - NY) Juda Capital, Pavilion Capital (USA - NY) RTW Investments (USA - NY) 4BIO Capital (UK) F-Prime Capital (USA -MA) UCL Technology Fund (UK) Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Series B financing round
2017-12-18 Mereo BioPharma (UK) IPO Rare diseases - Genetic diseases IPO
2017-12-15 Blueprint Medicines (USA - MA) $325.5 million private placement Private placement
2017-12-15 Univercells (Belgium) €3 million ($3.56M) series A financing round Takeda Ventures, US and EU private investors Technology - Services Series A financing round
2017-12-14 OSE Immunotherapeutics (France) €398,000 grant FUI (Fond Unique Interministériel - a French program supporting collaborative research projects)(France Cancer - Oncology Grant
2017-12-12 NorthSea Therapeutics (The Netherlands) € 25 million series A financing round Forbion Capital Partners (The Netherlands) BioGeneration Ventures (The Netherlands) Novo Seeds (Denmark) New Science Ventures (USA - NY) Hepatic diseases - Liver diseases - Inflammatory diseases Series A financing round
2017-12-12 bluebird bio (USA - MA) $600 million private placement Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Private placement