Date: 2018-10-30

Type of information: Collaboration agreement

Compound: myvac™  and Neoantigen Prediction System

Company: Transgene (France) NEC (Japan)

Therapeutic area: Cancer - Oncology

Type agreement: collaboration

Action mechanism:

  • artificial intelligence/immunotherapy product. myvac™ is a viral vector (MVA) based, individualized immunotherapy platform that has been developed by Transgene to target solid tumors. The myvac™-derived products are designed to stimulate the patient's immune system, recognize and destroy tumors using the patient's own cancer specific genetic mutations. Transgene has set up an innovative network that combines bioengineering, digital transformation, established vectorization know-how and unique manufacturing capabilities.
  • NEC's neoantigen prediction utilizes its proprietary AI, such as graph-based relational learning, which is combined with other sources of data to discover candidate neoantigen targets. NEC comprehensively evaluates the candidate neoantigens with a primary focus placed on its in-house MHC-binding affinity prediction. These allow NEC to effectively prioritize the numerous candidate neoantigens identified in a single patient.

Disease: solid tumors including ovarian cancer and HPV-negative head and neck cancer


  • • On October 30, 2018, NEC Corporation and Transgene  announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a strategic collaboration aimed at the treatment of solid cancers. The companies will cooperate in clinically assessing the predictive capabilities of NEC's artificial intelligence (AI) and the therapeutic potential of Transgene's myvac™ (*1) MVA-based viral vector platform in an individualized immunotherapy for the treatment of solid cancers. The experimental products from this collaboration are expected to enter clinical trials in 2019.
  • NEC and Transgene will co-invest in the first stage of development of an individualized immunotherapy, which includes clinical trials focusing on ovarian cancer and HPV-negative head and neck cancer.
  • NEC and Transgene have capitalized on the recent progress in AI and advances in genome sequencing to create an individualized immunotherapy, which is adapted to the unique characteristics of each patient's mutational landscape as well as their predicted immune responses. The product is based on a viral vector (MVA) developed by Transgene with a proven clinical safety track record and that is known for its efficient immunogenicity and anti-tumor efficacy in patients.
  • The viral vector will be used to target neoantigens identified using NEC's proprietary algorithm. NEC has been developing solutions in the drug discovery field for close to two decades. NEC's neoantigen prediction system (*2) was developed and validated based on publicly available databases, as well as internal wet lab datasets, some of which were already used to identify clinically relevant antigens in other oncology indications.
  • These planned clinical trials leverage the world-leading expertise and technologies of a network of companies and research centers, including:
  • Transgene's unrivaled MVA-based, viral vector technology and the myvac™ platform, and
  • NEC's cutting-edge AI technology, "NEC the WISE" (*3), for identifying and prioritizing patient-specific neoantigens.

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