Fundraisings and IPOs

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Number of results: 1334
Date Company Amount Funding type Investors Therapeutic area Type of Information
2011-12-04 Argen-X (The Netherlands-Belgium) € 32.5 million series B financing round OrbiMed Advisors (USA) - Seventure Partners (France) - Forbion Capital Partners (The Netherlands)- Credit Agricole Private Equity (France) - LSP (the Netherlands-Germany-USA) - BioGeneration Ventures (The Netherlands) - The Erasmus Biomedical Fund (The Netherlands) - Thuja Capital (The Netherlands) - VIB (Belgium) - PMV (Belgium) Autoimmune diseases - Cancer - Oncology Fundraising
2011-12-02 Discuva (UK) undisclosed financing round New Wave Ventures LLP (UK) Infectious diseases Fundraising
2011-12-01 Prosensa (The Netherlands) $1.5 million (€1.18 million) grant Charley’s Fund (USA) Rare diseases - Neuromuscular diseases Grant
2011-11-28 Targovax (Norway) 9 million NOK (€1.1 million) grant Innovation Norway OFU-program (Norway) Cancer - Oncology Grant
2011-11-21 Cytoo (France) €7 million ($10 million) series C financing round Sham (France) - Entrepreneurs Fund (EF)  (France) - AURIGA Partners  (France) - Jacques Lewiner, co-founder and president of the supervisory board at CYTOO.
Technology - Services Fundraising
2011-11-17 Biocartis (Belgium) € 71 million (USD 100 million) Series C equity fund raising Debiopharm Group (Switzerland) - Philips (The Netherlands) - Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) (USA) - the Wellcome Trust (UK) - Korys (investment holding of the Colruyt family) (Belgium)
Biovest, the family office of Dr Paul Janssen
IHL SA (Luc Verelst)
New Rhein Healthcare
certain members of the Biocartis senior management team
the family office of founder Rudi Pauwels (Benaruca).
Infectious diseases Fundraising
2011-11-16 Arcarios (The Netherlands) €920K grant

Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) (Belgium)

2011-11-14 Azellon Cell Therapeutics (UK) £0.65 million IP Group (UK) - Oxford Technology Management (UK) - Hugh Osmond Regenerative medicine Fundraising
2011-11-11 Genable Technologies (Ireland) € 5 million series B financing round Fountain Healthcare Partners (ireland) Delta Partners (USA - CA) Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Series B financing round
2011-11-08 ORCA Therapeutics (The Netherlands) € 5 million credit Agentschap NL (The Netherlands) Cancer - Oncology Subvention
2011-11-07 Somantix (The Netherlands) VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (The Netherlands) € 1.5 million grant EuroTransBio (European Commission initiative to foster cross border research & development between companies and academia working in the biotech industry) (UE) Cancer - Oncology Grant
2011-11-04 Genfit (France) €93,500 private placement Yorkville Advisors LLC (USA) Cardiovascular diseases - Metabolic diseases - Liver diseases Private placement
2011-11-03 Curevac (Germany) $110 Million (€100 million) private placement Baillie Gifford (UK) Chartwave Limited (UK) Coppel family, Elma Investments, Sigma Group, dievini Hopp BioTech holding (Germany) Dietmar Hopp (Germany) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (USA) Cancer - Oncology Private placement
2011-11-02 Fresenius (Germany) €100 million private placement via issuance of senior notes
2011-11-02 Genfit (France) €500,000 private placement Cardiovascular diseases - Metabolic diseases - Liver diseases Private placement
2011-11-01 Domainex (UK) £250,000 (€ 291 156) grant Technology Strategy Board (UK) Cancer - Oncology Grant
2011-10-27 Bind Biosciences (USA - MA) $47.25 million series D financing round Rusnano (Russian Federation) DHK Investment (India) Polaris Venture Partners (USA - MA) ARCH Venture Partners (USA - IL) Endeavour Vision (Switzerland) NanoDimension (USA - CA) private investors Series D financing round
2011-10-26 OctoPlus (the Netherlands) €4 million private placement Technology - Services Private placement
2011-10-26 Curetis (Germany) Expansion of the financing round by € 9.6 million Infectious diseases Fundraising
2011-10-25 Prosensa (The Netherlands) up to €5 million credit AgentschapNL (The Netherlands) Rare diseases - Neuromuscular diseases Subvention