Mergers and Acquisitions

Date: 2012-10-01

Type of information: Company acquisition

Acquired company: PX'Therapeutics (France)

Acquiring company: Aguettant (France)

Amount: undisclosed


Aguettant, a pioneer in drugs for injection since 1903, invests in the field of biotechnologies. Aguettant Biotech, a fully-owned subsidiary of Aguettant Santé, acquires a majority stake in the equity of PX’Therapeutics. PX’Therapeutics, a specialist in protein engineering and development of protein and antibody therapeutics from the early research stage through to the preclinical and clinical phase I/II production, will benefit greatly from joining Aguettant group. The company will expand and further strengthen its services to customers by increasing its manufacturing capabilities to industrial scale, to support latestage clinical studies and commercial scale production.


Through this operation, Aguettant creates a capability to develop biotechnology products in the future, alone or in partnership with other companies. PX’Therapeutics will remain autonomous in its business and fully dedicated to customers’ projects. PX’Therapeutics co-founders, Tristan Rousselle and Nicolas Mouz, will stay as minority shareholders. The company’s management remains under the direction of Tristan Rousselle.



Is general: Yes