Fundraisings and IPOs

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Number of results: 1241
Date Company Amount Funding type Investors Therapeutic area Type of Information
2017-03-08 Kite Pharma (USA - CA) $409.7 million private placement Private placement
2017-02-27 Exonics Therapeutics (USA - TX) $ 5 million financing round CureDuchenne Ventures (USA - CA) Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Neuromuscular diseases Financing round
2017-02-22 Oncternal Therapeutics (USA - CA) $18.4 million series B financing round Cancer - Oncology - Rare diseases Series B financing round
2017-02-21 Auris Medical (Switzerland) $9.1 million private placement Otorhinolaryngology Private placement
2017-02-20 Centauri Therapeutics (UK) £4.2 million (€ million) financing round Animatrix Capital (UK) private investors Infectious diseases Financing round
2017-02-15 Signum Biosciences (USA - NJ) $ 3 million grant National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) (USA) Dermatological diseases Grant
2017-02-14 Inventiva (France) € 48 million IPO Fibrotic diseases - Hepatic diseases - Liver diseases IPO
2017-02-13 Emergent Biosolutions (USA - MD) up to $30.5 million grant Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) (USA) Grant
2017-02-10 Santhera Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) CHF 60 million (€ 56.18 million) Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Hematological diseases Private placement
2017-02-09 Polyphor (Switzerland) CHF 2.3 million (€ 2.15 million) grant Wellcome Trust (UK) Infectious diseases Grant
2017-02-08 Coherus Biosciences (USA - CA) private placement Private placement
2017-02-08 Acticor Biotech (France) €2,9 million financing round Cap Decisif Management (France) Cardiovascular diseases - Cerebrovascular diseases Financing round
2017-02-08 Galena Biopharma (USA - OR) private placement Private placement
2017-02-07 Prexton Therapeutics (Switzerland) € 29 million series B financing round Forbion Capital Partners (The Netherlands) Seroba Life Sciences (Ireland) Merck Ventures (The Netherlands) Ysios Capital (Spain) Sunstone Capital (Denmark) Neurodegenerative diseases - CNS diseases Series B financing round
2017-02-07 Lysogene (France) € 22.6 million IPO Sofinnova Partners (France) BpiFrance (France) Novo A/S (Denmark) Financière Arbevel (France) Alto Invest (France) Rare diseases - Genetic diseases IPO
2017-02-07 OncoSNIPE® consortium (Oncodesign, Expert System, Sword, Acobiom, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, Centre George François Leclerc, Institut Paoli Calmettes) €7.7 million subvention Bpifrance (France) Cancer - Oncology Subvention
2017-01-20 Affimed (Germany) private placement Cancer - Oncology Private placement
2017-01-20 Stemline Therapeutics (USA - NY) $45 million private placement Cancer - Oncology Private placement
2017-01-19 Anavex Life Sciences (USA - NY) $ 0.6 million grant (USA - OH) Neurological diseases - CNS diseases Grant
2017-01-19 Octimet Oncology (Belgium) € 11.3 million series A financing round V-Bio Ventures (Belgium) Fund+ (Belgium) DROIA Oncology Ventures (Luxembourg/Belgium) OMNES Capital (France) Cancer - Oncology Series A financing round