Fundraisings and IPOs

Date: 2012-07-05

Type of information: Fundraising

Company: Psioxus Therapeutics (UK)

Investors: Lundbeckfond Ventures (Denmark) - SR One (UK) - Invesco Perpetual (UK) - Imperial Innovations (UK)

Amount: £ 22 million ($ 34 million - € 27.7 million)

Funding type: series B round

Planned used:

The financing round will enable PsiOxus to advance the clinical development of ColoAd1, a systemically available oncolytic vaccine, through a series of phase I and phase II clinical trials for the treatment of colorectal and other forms of cancer. ColoAd1 is a unique therapeutic candidate developed using the evolutionary principle of natural selection to generate an oncolytic vaccine with optimal anticancer properties. The vaccine is injected into the bloodstream and can replicate in and kill cancer cells but not normal cells. Each infected cell produces thousands of new copies of ColoAd1, which then spread to nearby cancer cells and kills them as well. The approach thus represents a new generation of \'selfamplifying\' cancer therapy that has both a direct tumor killing and cancervaccine effect. The first clinical trial of ColoAd1 will be initiated later this year in patients with metastatic solid tumours, to determine the safety and tolerability of the vaccine.


PsiOxus Therapeutics has closed a Series B round of equity financing totaling £22 million ($34 million). The round included equal investments from existing investors Imperial Innovations Group and Invesco Perpetual together with new investments by SR One and Lundbeckfond Ventures.

Therapeutic area: Cancer - Oncology

Is general: Yes