Fundraisings and IPOs

Date: 2021-06-09

Type of information: Financing round

Company: Tetraneuron (Spain)

Investors: undisclosed private and specialised investors

Amount: more than €2.5 million

Funding type: financing round

Planned used: As the first Spanish biotech resident at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, Tetraneuron is developing an advanced therapy for Alzheimer’s disease through a therapeutic approach based on E2F4, a protein involved in the origin of the pathogenesis of this complicated disease. With encouraging preclinical results in Alzheimer’s disease mice model with an aggravated disease phenotype, the company is pursuing a multifactorial approach to Alzheimer’s through gene therapy that is expected to slow the progression of the disease. In line with this, Tetraneuron is expanding its portfolio of innovative products by developing a biomarker for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, as well as in the search for new therapeutic indications for its gene therapy. This additional capital will allow for the consolidation of the company as well as the acceleration of its roadmap; validated by the main regulatory agencies, which aims to start a clinical trial for its therapy against Alzheimer’s disease.


Therapeutic area: Neurodegenerative diseases

Is general: Yes