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Date: 2019-07-24

Type of information: Grant

Company: 20Med Therapeutics (NL)

Investors: European Eurostars Programme (EU)

Amount: undisclosed

Funding type: grant

Planned used: This Eurostars grant will be used to further the development of a novel approach to treating osteoarthritis (OA) by the consortium of companies and institutions including 20Med Therapeutics, Ethris GmbH, the AO Research Institute Davos and Paracelsus Medical University. This approach is based on bioresponsive polymer-based nanoparticle delivery of stabilized mRNA factors into the joint.

Others: The consortium’s novel approach to developing new mRNA therapeutics for OA utilizes 20Med’s unique patented nanotechnology combined with Ethris’ proprietary stabilized non-immunogenic mRNA technology – SNIM®. The new therapeutics will be tested in different preclinical models by the consortium partners from Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria, and the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), Switzerland.

Therapeutic area: Rheumatic diseases - Inflammatory diseases

Is general: Yes