Fundraisings and IPOs

Date: 2018-10-18

Type of information: Private placement

Company: Oxford Nanopore Technologies (UK)

Investors: Amgen (USA - CA)

Amount: £50 million ( $66 million )

Funding type: private placement

Planned used:

  • Oxford Nanopore has developed and brought to market a proprietary sequencing technology that uses many nanopores (nano-scale holes made by proteins contained within a synthetic membrane) in combination with electronics to perform direct, real-time sequencing of DNA and RNA. The technology ranges in scale from pocket-sized to very high throughput benchtop devices and can sequence very long fragments of DNA or RNA, which has a number of benefits in genomic analysis.
  • The investment in Oxford Nanopore aligns with Amgen's strategic focus on using human genetics to deliver new medicines to patients. Amgen subsidiary deCODE Genetics uses Oxford Nanopore's sequencing technologies to conduct genome research, including the identification and validation of new targets.
  • Nanopore technology is uniquely scalable. MinIONTM, the only pocket-sized sequencer, can be used to sequence in any location. In addition, Oxford Nanopore has developed benchtop, on-demand, high-throughput devices such as PromethIONTM designed for very large projects or large numbers of samples.


  • • On October 18, 2018, Amgen and Oxford Nanopore Technologies announced Amgen's equity investment of £50 million ( $66 million ) in Oxford Nanopore, a privately-owned, UK -based company advancing a new generation of portable, real-time genetic sequencing technology.
  • This investment will be effected through the purchase of £50 million ( $66 million ) of ordinary shares in Oxford Nanopore based on the same price per share as the primary fundraising announced in March 2018 .

Therapeutic area: Technology - Services

Is general: Yes