Fundraisings and IPOs

Date: 2018-01-04

Type of information: Financing round

Company: Acticor Biotech (France)

Investors: Primer Capital (Russia) Anaxago (France) CapDecisif Management (France) private investors

Amount: €3.9 million

Funding type: financing round

Planned used:

  • These funds will strengthen Acticor Biotech's cash position in the perspective of the preparation of the first clinical phase II for its lead candidate, ACT017  for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke as add-on to rtPA (Alteplase®). This candidate is  a humanized Antibody Fragment (Fab) directed against platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI). Evidence of antithrombotic efficacy of ACT017 and safety of inhibition of GPVI have been established both ex vivo and in vivo. The target is involved in the growth of the thrombus, but not in physiological hemostasis. This limits the bleeding risk associated with its inhibition.
  • ACT017  is based on the results of researches conducted by Acticor's founders: Dr. Martine Jandrot-Perrus and Dr Christian Gachet, in two INSERM units, and Professor Philippe Billiald at Paris-Sud University. 


  • • On January 4, 2018, Acticor Biotech announced the closing of an equity financing led by Primer Capital. The financing round includes investments in equity from Primer Capital and historical shareholders - Anaxago, CapDecisif Management - and private investors for €1.7 million and grants from Concours Mondial de l’Innovation for €2.2 million, for a total of €3.9 million. Timur Avdeenko of Primer Capital joins the board as observer.

Therapeutic area: Cerebrovascular diseases

Is general: Yes