Fundraisings and IPOs

Date: 2017-06-27

Type of information: Series A financing round

Company: Daytwo (Israel)

Investors: Seventure Partners (France), J&J (USA - NJ) historical investors

Amount: $12 million

Funding type: series A financing round

Planned used:

  • The Israel-based personalized nutrition microbiome app company DayTwo offers personalized nutrition recommendations using machine-learning predictive algorithms which integrate data from the gut microbiome to produce clinical readouts to provide actionable insights for maintaining health through the control of blood glucose levels and its maintenance within healthy narrow range. Based on the DNA sequence of the individual’s gut microbiome, DayTwo prepares a detailed gut analysis report for each individual, which is then used to deliver tailored nutritional recommendations via an app on the user’s smart device. DayTwo’s technology platform is based on research conducted by Professor Eran Segal and by Dr. Eran Elinav both from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, which has been exclusively licensed to DayTwo for those applications.
  • The funds will be used by DayTwo to commercialise its product internationally beyond Israel and develop new products tailored for other user segments. The first stage of commercialisation will target highly-motivated consumers, giving them insight into how to manage the food choices that are best for them. DayTwo announced in February that it had joined forces with J&J to develop personalised microbiome analysis for diabetes nutrition.


  • • On June 27, 2017, Seventure Partners announced that it has invested in Israel-based personalized nutrition microbiome app company DayTwo through its Health for Life Capital™ investment vehicle, as part of a $12 million series A fundraising. The investment by Seventure Partners was in syndication with Johnson & Johnson as well as historical investors.

Therapeutic area:

Is general: Yes