Fundraisings and IPOs

Date: 2017-04-04

Type of information: Fundraising

Company: Repositive (UK)

Investors: Ananda Social Venture Fund (Germany) Force Over Mass Capital (UK) Amadeus Capital Partners (UK) Jonathan Milner

Amount: £2.5 million (€ 2.92 million)

Funding type: series A financing round

Planned used: Repositive will use these funds to expand its commercial offering through the development of premium features for its community of platform users worldwide. The Repositive platform enables researchers to interact with the research community to identify more relevant data, and benefit from the community feedback and data annotations. From their headquarters in Cambridge, the Repositive team of experts in genomics, data access policies and effective metadata management, also offer a range of services to corporate customers including large-scale enterprise solutions. Since its launch in September 2016, this community-driven  platform has grown to over one million data sets and the company has expanded their global user base across pharma, biotech and academia. Alongside this, the company will invest further in expanding the range of data sources on its platform and developing further commercial products and services for the genomics R&D industry.

Others: • On April 4, 2017, Repositive, a company that created a large portal for accessing human genomic research data, has closed a Series A funding round of £2.5m. The investors include lead investor, Ananda Social Venture Fund, Force Over Mass Capital and sees Amadeus Capital Partners and Jonathan Milner increase their investments, having previously participated in seed funding Repositive. This brings the total funds raised to date in Repositive to £3.3m.

Therapeutic area: Technology - Services

Is general: Yes