Date: 2012-10-16

Type of information: R&D agreement

Compound: mechanisms of actions involved in the epicutaneous treatment of allergies by the EPIT® (Epicutaneous Immunotherapy) method

Company: DBV Technologies (France) Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy - CIML (France)

Therapeutic area: Allergic diseases - Immune diseases

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DBV Technologies, creator of Viaskin®, a new standard in the treatment of allergies, has announced a partnership with Dr. Bernard Malissen who is working at the Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy (CIML). His team is studying immune cells involved in allergic reactions (lymphocytes T and dendritic cells study). DBV Technologies and CIML have decided to collaborate to improve their knowledge of recruitment and mechanisms of actions involved in the epicutaneous treatment of allergies by the EPIT® (Epicutaneous Immunotherapy) method. The Program will take place in three distinct parts over an 18-month period: study of cells involved in handling the allergen; migration to the lymph nodes; and transmission of the antigenic information at the lymph node level. This work will be performed jointly between the two entities and at both sites. This agreement was negotiated by Inserm Transfert.

DBV Technologies has developed a new specific epicutaneous immunotherapy method (EPIT®) using its proprietary technology. During the process of epicutaneous specific immunotherapy, the Viaskin® patch concentrates the allergen in the epidermis layers of the skin where it can be captured by the immune system\'s cells. This mechanism guarantees the safe use of Viaskin®, as shown by the experimental studies conducted by the DBV Technologies research team. Since its inception, the team has sought to describe the cell mechanisms involved in epicutaneous immunotherapy.
Dr. Bernard Malissen, CNRS research director, said, "this collaboration agreement will allow us to apply the knowledge we developed on dendritic cells and macrophages of the skin over the past 10 years in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms at the base of the desensitization method invented by DBV Technologies."

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