Date: 2011-09-13

Type of information: R&D agreement

Compound: antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) for cancer

Company: Oxford BioTherapeutics (UK) Seattle Genetics (USA - WA)

Therapeutic area: Cancer - Oncology

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Action mechanism:

Disease: cancer


Seattle Genetics and Oxford BioTherapeutics have formed a strategic collaboration to jointly discover novel antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer. Under the collaboration, OBT will generate panels of monoclonal antibodies against novel tumor-specific antigens identified using its proprietary Oxford Genome Anatomy Project (OGAP®) database. The antibodies generated by OBT will then be screened for activity using Seattle Genetics’ ADC technology. The resulting ADCs may be selected by each company for further development and commercialization.

The Oxford Genome Anatomy Project (OGAP®) database represents one of the world’s largest proprietary collections of disease-associated proteins. OGAP® oncology contains proteomic data on over 7,500 cancer membrane proteins combined with genomic and clinical information derived from human blood and cancer tissue studies. OGAP® contains proprietary target information on three-quarters of the entire human proteome. Almost two million human protein fragments have been sequenced in OGAP® in 50 different human tissues representing 60 diseases, including 25 forms of cancer. OGAP® integrates data covering 17,000 different genes and over eight million genetic variants (SNPs and haplotypes).


Financial terms:

Under the terms of the multi-year, multi-product agreement, OBT and Seattle Genetics will each have an equal number of alternating options to select programs from among the preclinical ADCs identified for exclusive, worldwide development and commercialization. Each company will receive undisclosed progress-dependent milestone payments and royalties on net sales of any resulting ADCs developed by the other party.

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