Date: 0000-00-00

Type of information: Termination of an agreement

Compound: new therapeutic agents against the LRRK2 Parkinson's disease target

Company: Ipsen (France) Oncodesign (France)

Therapeutic area: Neurodegenerative diseases - CNS diseases

Type agreement: R&D - research

Action mechanism:

  • LRRK2 inhibitor. LRRK2 (Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2) mutations represent the highest risk of familial PD and are also observed in sporadic patients. Pathological characteristics and clinical symptoms observed in patients carrying LRRK2 mutations are indistinguishable between familial and sporadic patients. LRRK2 is a multidomain protein which contains both GTPase and Kinase enzymatic activities where most pathogenic mutations are located. LRRK2 inhibition represents a potential neuroprotective therapeutic target for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Disease: Parkinson's disease


  • Oncodesign and Ipsen have entered into a research collaboration to discover and develop innovative LRRK2 kinase inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents against Parkinson's Disease and for potential additional uses in other therapeutic areas. Oncodesign and Ipsen will leverage their respective expertise to bring innovative therapeutic solutions to Parkinson patients. This partnership is based on Oncodesign's Nanocyclix® Technology for next generation kinase inhibitors and Ipsen’s expertise in movement disorders. Oncodesign’s Nanocyclix® is a proprietary medicinal chemistry technology based on a macrocyclisation process of small chemical molecules that gives access to potent and highly selective small molecule kinase inhibitors with attractive physicochemical and ADME properties. Oncodesign has identified Nanocyclix® leads against a broad range of known and unexplored kinases (notably the LRRK2 program) with potential in multiple therapeutic areas. Ipsen will apply its expertise in pharmaceutical R&D and translational sciences while leveraging its network of academic and medical leaders in neurosciences. Under the terms of the agreement, Ipsen is granted two exclusive options to exclusively license Oncodesign's LRRK2 inhibitor program, notably upon successfully reaching clinical proof of concept, with worldwide development, manufacturing and commercialization rights.

Financial terms:

  • Oncodesign is entitled to a technology access fee, funding of the program's research and early development activities, and upon exercise of the license options, opt-in fees and additional development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments potentially totaling €115 million for the development of molecules in two or more indications, and tiered royalties on net sales.

Latest news:

  • • On March 15, 2017, Oncodesign  announced that the research collaboration with Ipsen and option to license rights for the LRRK2 based Parkinson program will be returned to Oncodesign. Following this reacquisition, Oncodesign now intends to pursue further development of the program internally, using the expert resources at its recently acquired research center in Paris Saclay. Oncodesign remains a strategic partner for Ipsen in pre-clinical pharmacology for its oncology research programs, notably for experimental models and new pharmacological approaches based on Oncodesign’s pharmaco-imaging and the detection of biomarkers. As previously announced in 2016, Oncodesign will continue to receive a minimum guaranteed annual fee to cover the cost of its research efforts at Les Ulis and of its Dijon platform to which variable payments, linked to business volumes generated by Ipsen’s programs, may be added.

Is general: Yes