Date: 2018-09-27

Type of information: Production agreement

Compound: Kymriah® - CTL019 (tisagenlecleucel-T)

Company: Cellular Biomedicine Group (China) Novartis (Switzerland)

Therapeutic area: Cancer - Oncology - Technology - Services

Type agreement: manufacturing - production

Action mechanism:

  • cell therapy/gene therapy/CAR-T cell therapy. CTL019 is a personalized T cell therapy, which was pioneered by Carl June and his team at Penn. In a CTL019 treatment cycle, immune cells (T cells) are drawn from a patient's blood. Then, using CAR technology, the T cells are reprogrammed to "hunt" cancer cells that express specific proteins, called CD19.  CTL019 uses the 4-1BB costimulatory domain in its chimeric antigen receptor to enhance cellular responses as well as persistence of CTL019 after it is infused into the patient, which may be associated with long-lasting remissions in patients.
  • Novartis and Penn have an exclusive global agreement to research, develop and commercialize personalized CAR T cell therapies for the treatment of cancers. Novartis holds the worldwide rights to CARs developed through the collaboration for all cancer indications, including the lead program CTL019.



  • • On September 27, 2018, Cellular Biomedicine Group announced it has entered into a strategic licensing and collaboration agreement with Novartis to manufacture and supply the CAR-T cell therapy Kymriah® (tisagenlecleucel) in China. Novartis will be the exclusive holder of the marketing license.

Financial terms:

  • Upon the closing of the licensing and collaboration agreement, CBMG will receive $40 million in an equity purchase from Novartis at $27.43/share for approximately 9% equity. Novartis will receive certain royalty-free intellectual property worldwide rights to certain CBMG CAR-T related technology. CBMG will receive a single-digit escalating percentage collaboration payment based on net product sales. CBMG will receive a mark-up from Novartis on the manufacturing cost. CBMG will take the lead in the manufacturing process, and Novartis will lead distribution, regulatory and commercialization efforts in China.

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