Date: 2018-09-11

Type of information: Development agreement

Compound: predictive modelling platform for drug discovery

Company: Optibrium (UK) Intellegens (UK)

Therapeutic area: Technology - Services

Type agreement: development

Action mechanism: artificial intelligence



  • • On September 11, 2018, Optibrium™, a developer of software for drug discovery, announced it had signed a collaboration agreement with Intellegens, a company developing novel artificial intelligence (AI) software. The collaboration will provide Optibrium clients with access to advanced, proprietary deep learning methods that will extend and improve predictive models to guide the more efficient design and selection of high quality drug candidates.
  • Optibrium provides software solutions for small molecule design, optimisation and data analysis. By leveraging Intellegens' Alchemite technology, the partnership will create a "next generation" predictive modelling platform that is capable of delivering more accurate predictions and enabling better decision-making when it comes to the optimisation of compounds.
  • The Intellegens unique deep learning tool, Alchemite, can model multiple endpoints simultaneously, gaining more information from available data than traditional quantitative structure-activity relationship (SAR) models. Intellegens' methods are uniquely capable of building accurate models based on the sparse and uncertain data typically available in drug discovery.
  • This latest collaboration with Intellegens supports Optibrium's approach to working with the leading and most innovative providers of technology and services for drug discovery and other chemistry fields.

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