Date: 2017-06-02

Type of information: Product acquisition

Compound: anti-C5aR (IPH5401)

Company: Innate Pharma (France) Novo Nordisk (Denmark)

Therapeutic area: Cancer - Oncology

Type agreement: product acquisition

Action mechanism: monoclonal antibody. Through C5aR triggering, C5a induces accumulation and activation of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) and neutrophils in the tumor microenvironment. These cells are associated with a poor prognosis across numerous tumor types. They secrete pro-tumor and pro-angiogenic factors and have emerged as a major immunosuppressive mechanism, associated with resistance to checkpoint blockers. By targeting and blocking this pathway, anti-C5aR has the potential to enhance anti-tumor immunity across a range of solid and hematologic tumors.


Details: • On June 2, 2017, Innate Pharma announced that it has entered into an agreement with Novo Nordisk granting Innate Pharma full worldwide exclusive rights to develop and commercialize a first-in-class clinical-stage anti-C5aR antibody (IPH5401) representing a novel therapeutic approach in immuno-oncology. IPH5401 is a strategic fit to Innate Pharma’s current immuno-oncology pipeline. It adds a clinical-stage proprietary product that reinforces Innate Pharma’s position in the field of antibodies targeting the tumor microenvironment beyond its activities in the adenosine pathway. Innate Pharma plans to start trials with IPH5401 in oncology in 2018. Novo Nordisk A/S has conducted two Phase I trials with anti-C5aR in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, where a good safety profile was demonstrated.

Financial terms: The terms of the transaction provide for a total upfront payment of €40m, of which €37.2m will be paid in new Innate Pharma shares and €2.8m in cash. Novo Nordisk  will be eligible for €370m in development, regulatory and sales milestone payments. Novo Nordisk will also be eligible for double digit royalties on net sales. After the issuance of the new Innate Pharma shares, the stake of Novo Nordisk in Innate Pharma will increase from 10.3% currently to between 14.6% to 15.8%. The closing is expected to take place on July 12, 2017 at the latest.

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