Date: 2013-02-28

Type of information: Collaboration agreement

Compound: Lauriad® mucoadhesive technology

Company: BioAlliance Pharma (France) undisclosed worldwide leader in vaccines

Therapeutic area: Infectious diseases

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* On February 28, 2013, BioAlliance Pharma has announced a collaboration agreement with one of the world leading vaccine companies to develop a vaccine application of its Lauriad® mucoadhesive technology. The terms of this agreement are not disclosed at this time.
This research program aims at establishing the feasibility of using Lauriad® technology for vaccination, leading to an efficient needle-free administration based on the application to the gum of this mucoadhesive tablet containing a vaccine antigen.  This project is carried out within the Fluriad™ consortium set in March 2011, co-labeled by both “Clusters of excellence” Medicen Paris Region and Atlanpôle Biotherapies and financed up to €2 million by the “Fond Unique Interministériel” (a French program supporting collaborative research projects).

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