Clinical Trials

Date: 2018-10-15

Type of information: Submission of a clinical trial application

phase: 1

Announcement: submission of a clinical trial application

Company: Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (USA - CA)

Product: ARO-ANG3

Action mechanism:

  • RNAi.  ARO-ANG3 is designed to reduce production of angiopoietin-like protein 3 (ANGPTL3), a liver synthesized inhibitor of lipoprotein lipase and endothelial lipase. ANGPTL3 inhibition has been shown to lower serum LDL, serum and liver triglyceride and has genetic validation as a novel target for cardiovascular disease.

Disease: dyslipidemia

Therapeutic area: Metabolic diseases


Trial details:

Latest news:

  • • On October 15, 2018, Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals announced that it has filed an application for approval to begin a Phase 1 clinical trial of ARO-ANG3, an RNAi-based investigational medicine targeting angiopoietin like protein 3 (ANGPTL3) being developed for the treatment of dyslipidemias and metabolic diseases. ARO-ANG3 will be the fourth therapeutic candidate to enter clinical studies that leverages Arrowhead’s Targeted RNAi Molecule (TRiM™) platform.
  • Pending approval, Arrowhead intends to proceed with AROANG1001, a Phase 1 single and multiple dose study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamic effect of ARO-ANG3 in adult healthy volunteers and dyslipidemic patients. The study is designed to enroll up to 70 subjects.
  • An application was submitted to an ethics committee in compliance with the Clinical Trial Notification process of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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