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The website which informs you usefully on the evolution of the sector, is a paying site, only by subscription. Only the news section is accessible to you. To read our other sections, you must logged after subscription.

Allows you to have a fast and synthetic overview of the latest news from a biopharma player, access to the latest key agreements in the biopharmaceutical sector, know the latest advances of a product under development or in progress recording.

Will be able to tell you everything about agreements, fundraising, clinical studies, mergers, product life, with the possibility to search for data in each database and also to carry out a cross-search on the following five databases simultaneously:

Clinical tests
Find the latest information on clinical trials involving a player in the European biopharmaceutical sector since January 2011. More than 4400 factsheets detail product, mechanism of action, laboratory, disease, therapeutic area, details of the test, latest information with the possibility to make searches by laboratory name, product, country, disease, therapeutic area and phase.

Find the latest information on fundraising and subsidies obtained by the biopharmaceutical sector since January 2011. More than 1500 fundraisers and grants are listed in this database which you can query by date, by amount, by company and by by investor.

Find the latest information on acquisitions in the biopharmaceutical sphere since January 2011. More than 660 perations are listed in this database.

Find the latest information on agreements involving at least one player in the biopharmaceutical sector since January 2011. More than 5,000 R & D, development, license and marketing agreements are presented in this database. Possibility to search on this basis by date, by laboratory name, by type of agreement (R & D, licensing, development, marketing …), by compound, by disease and by therapeutic area.

Life of products
Find the latest information on the regulatory life of biopharmaceutical products (submission of the MA application, obtaining a favorable opinion, authorization, orphan status …). Already more than 3000 products listed in this database that you can query by product name, active ingredient name, indication, laboratory, mechanism of action.


Gives you access to a cross-search engine that allows you to simultaneously query these five databases. Do not hesitate to send us an email with your professional details to test the services of BioPharmAnalyses and its databases (Any address hotmail, gmail … will be refused)

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