Date: 2017-04-28

Type of information: Granting of a patent

Product name: BI-1206


Therapeutic area: Cancer - Oncology

Action mechanism: monoclonal antibody. BI-1206 is a fully-human anti-CD32b antagonistic antibody that in addition to directly killing tumour cells is thought to work by maintaining CD20 antibodies on the cell membrane of cancer cells, preventing them from becoming resistant to the current state-of-the-art treatment, rituximab. The antibody has shown promise both in combination with CD20 antibodies and as a single agent in chronic lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL) and other types of NHL, in an extensive package of preclinical studies carried out by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research-funded scientists at the University of Southampton. BI-1206 is currently in a Phase I/II for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chronic lymphatic leukaemia.

Company: BioInvent (Sweden)


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Patents: • On April 28, 2017, BioInvent International announces that the European Patent Office, EPO, has communicated its intention to grant the company a patent relating to the immune-oncology antibody BI-1206. This patent covers the use of the company’s drug candidate BI-1206, and similarCD32b antibodies, in combination with a CD19, CD20 or CD40 antibody in the treatment of cancer or inflammatory diseases in certain groups of patients. Such a CD20 antibody may, for example, be rituximab. The European patent will be granted by the EPO once all remaining administrative actions have been completed by BioInvent. The maximum patent term expires in 2031. The company has earlier been granted a corresponding patent in Australia and has patent applications pending in other countries.

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