Imabiotech boosts its strategic partnerships
Alexandre Labé (Metabrain Research) an David Bonnel, Vice-president ImaBiotech

Imabiotech boosts its strategic partnerships

Imabiotech, a French CRO based in Lille (France) and in Boston (USA), is expanding its range of services. This company is offering innovative imaging services and software to the pharmaceutical research sector.  These services are based on histology combined to label free molecular imaging (Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging, QMSI) . This technology developed by ImaBiotech provides deep understanding of drug localization and its pharmacological effects at cellular effect, thus improving in vivo  drug efficacy and toxicity evaluations during preclinical and clinical stage developments.

Now Imabiotech has concluded two new partnerships that allow the company to launch new preclinical services. Alexandre Labé, marketing and partnership Metabrain Research and David Bonnel, Vice-president ImaBiotech, Lille The first partnership is dedicated to metabolic disorders and combines Imabiotech’s platforms in bioanalysis to measure and confirm the efficacy of a drug at the cellular level and Metabrain Research’s mastery to develop new molecules in metabolic age-related diseases such as NASH, diabetes, sarcopenia and related immuno-inflammatory disorders. These services  are focused on  the measurement of tissue distribution, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) drug effects in preclinical metabolic disorders models. ” The combination of our platforms will reinforce our capabilities and the possibility for our sponsors to evaluate their drug mechanism of action and efficacy in this therapeutic field from early to late stages”, Dr. David Bonnel, Executive Director at ImaBiotech commented. Dr. Valérie Autier, CEO of Metabrain Research, added, “Through this new combination of expertise, our clients will gain access to the most powerful tool dedicated to the hit and lead selection and their optimization into preclinical candidates”.

The second partnership has been concluded with another French CRO based in Lille, OCR, to provide in situ drug efficacy
and target exposure services in pets with naturally occurring tumors. This new innovative service consists of a joint effort between OCR, which has a developed a unique mastery in recruiting dog and cat patients suffering from spontaneous tumors across Europe, and ImaBiotech. This  translational strategic partnership has the double objective of confirming drug localization and pharmacological effects based on bioanalytical imaging platforms to a new pre-human living organism – dog with cancer – which has not yet been done at the industrial level. The cooperative research services will combine complementary quantitative mass spectrometry imaging, veterinary, biology, and pharmacology expertise in order to advance late preclinical stage drug candidates for the treatment of human cancer.