Fundraisings and IPOs

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Date Company Amount Funding type Investors Therapeutic area Type of Information
2011-01-18 Diagnoplex (Switzerland) CHF 10 million (€7.7 million) series A financing round Debiopharm Group (Switzerland)
Novartis Venture Fund (Switzerland)
NeoMed (Switzerland)
Initiative Capital Romandie (Switzerland)
Cancer - Oncology Fundraising
2011-01-13 Complix (Belgium) €2 million series A financing round Credit Agricole Private Equity (France) Autoimmune diseases - Infectious diseases Fundraising
2011-01-12 Vaximm (Switzerland - Germany) CHF 7.8 million (€.14 million) financing round BB Biotech Ventures (UK) - Merck KGaA (Germany) - Sunstone Capital (Denmark) - Merck Serono Ventures (Germany - Switzerland) - BioMedPartners (Switzerland) Cancer - Oncology Fundraising
2011-01-12 Celyad previously known as Cardio3 Biosciences (Belgium) €3.1 million cash advance, grant Walloon Region (Belgium) - European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7) Cardiovascular diseases Grant
2011-01-12 Vaxxim (Germany) CHF 7.8 million financing round BB Biotech Ventures (Switzerland) Merck KGaA (Germany) Sunstone Capital (Denmark) Merck Serono Ventures (Switzerland) BioMedPartners (Switzerland) Cancer - Oncology Financing round
2011-01-10 Polyplus-transfection (France) € 2,5 million financing round AIRFI (Alsace Inter Regio Fonds d’Investissement) (France)Sudinnova (France)CIC Vizille Capital Innovation (France)CIC Finance (France) Technology - Services Fundraising
2011-01-06 Symphogen (Denmark) €141 million placement of preferred stock to a group of investors Novo A/S (Denmark Essex Woodlands (USA-UK) Danish Pension Fund PKA (Denmark) Cancer - Oncology Private placement
2010-06-29 Bind Biosciences (USA - MA) $23.4 million series C financing round DHK Investment (India) Polaris Venture Partners (USA - MA) Flagship Ventures (USA - MA) ARCH Venture Partners (USA - IL) Endeavour Vision (Switzerland) NanoDimension (USA - CA) new private investors Series C financing round
0000-00-00 Oasmia Pharmaceutical (Sweden) SEK 42 million (€ 4.4 million) private placement Cancer - Oncology - Veterinary medicine Private placement