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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2017-03-23 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics (USA - CA) Memgen (USA - TX ICT-107, ICT-140 and ISF35 clinical research Cancer - Oncology Clinical research agreement
2017-03-23 Retrophin (USA - CA) nomination Rare diseases Nomination
2017-03-23 Novosanis (Belgium) MDxHealth (Belgium) UrNCollect™ distribution Technology - Services - Diagnostic Distribution agreement
2017-03-22 GSK (UK) Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (USA - NY) UK Biobank (UK) genetic sequence data collaboration Technology - Services Collaboration agreement
2017-03-21 Pierre Fabre (France) H-Immune (France) fully human monoclonal antibody candidates research development Cancer - Oncology R&D agreement
2017-03-21 X-Chem (USA - MA) Ono Pharmaceutical (Japan) small molecules development commercialisation Cancer - Oncology Development agreement
2017-03-21 Partners test now Compound: Disease: Type of agreement: Therapeutic_area:asdsadas Plant acquisition
2017-03-21 MDxHealth (Belgium) Lab21 (UK), part of the Novacyt Group (France) SelectMDx™ for Prostate Cancer test prostate cancer distribution Cancer - Oncology - Diagnostic Distribution agreement
2017-03-21 Argen-X (Belgium - The Netherlands) Broteio Pharma (The Netherlands) antibody against a novel target in the complement cascade with therapeutic potential in autoantibody- and complement-mediated indications including autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA) and antibody mediated rejection (AMR) following organ transplantation. autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA), antibody mediated rejection (AMR) following organ transplantation. development Autoimmune diseases Development agreement
2017-03-21 Piqur Therapeutics (Switzerland) nomination Nomination
2017-03-21 Stimunity (France) Institut Curie (France) Inserm (France) VLP-cGAMP technology licensing R&D Cancer - Oncology Licensing agreement
2017-03-20 BMS (USA - NY) CytomX Therapeutics (USA - CA) probodies for up to six oncology targets including CTLA-4 licensing development Cancer - Oncology Development agreement
2017-03-20 X-Chem (USA - MA) Astellas Pharma (Japan) research collaboration Collaboration agreement
2017-03-20 Arix Bioscience (UK) the Lead Discovery Center (Germany) Max Planck Innovation (Germany) the University of Leeds (UK) antagonists of a novel target for a variety of metabolic indications Cardiovascular diseases - Metabolic diseases Development agreement
2017-03-20 Loxo Oncology (USA - CT) Ventana Medical Systems,(USA), a member of the Roche Group (Switzerland) pan-TRK immunohistochemistry (IHC) test as a companion diagnostic to identify patients across tumor types suitable for treatment with larotrectinib development, commercialisation Cancer - Oncology - Diagnostic Development agreement
2017-03-20 Arena Pharmaceuticals (USA - CA) nomination Nomination
2017-03-20 Bluebird bio (USA - MA) nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Nomination
2017-03-20 Kiadis Pharma (The Netherlands) nomination Cancer - Oncology - Hematological diseases Nomination
2017-03-17 Daiichi Sankyo (Japan) Heptares Therapeutics (UK) G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) pain research development CNS diseases R&D agreement
2017-03-17 AstraZeneca (UK) Circassia (UK) Tudorza® (aclidinium bromide inhalation powder) and Duaklir® (aclidinium bromide and formoterol) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) development commercialisation Lung diseases - Respiratory diseases Development agreement