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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2017-06-27 Ablynx (Belgium) Merck&Co (USA - NJ) Nanobody candidates (including bi- and tri-specifics) directed toward immune checkpoint modulators research - R&D - licensing Cancer - Oncology Milestone
2017-06-27 Sarepta Therapeutics (USA - MA) opening of new premises Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Neuromuscular diseases Opening of new premises
2017-06-26 University of Cambridge (UK) Genomics England Ltd (UK) Illumina (USA) 100,000 Genomes Project rare genetic diseases, cancers collaboration Genetic diseases - Rare diseases - Cancer - Oncology Collaboration agreement
2017-06-26 Takeda Pharmaceutical (Japan) Biological E. (India) measles vaccines and acellular pertussis vaccine measles, pertussis licensing Infectious diseases Licensing agreement
2017-06-21 Sarepta Therapeutics (USA - MA) Genethon (France) micro-dystrophin gene therapy Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) R&D - research - development Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Hematological diseases Research agreement
2017-06-20 Argen-X (Belgium - The Netherlands) Leo Pharma (Denmark) antibody-based solutions (ARGX-112) chronic inflammation underlying skin conditions. licensing - development Dermatological diseases - Inflammatory diseases Milestone
2017-06-19 Txcell (France) Lentigen Technology (USA - MD), a wholly owned subsidiary of Miltenyi Biotech (Germany) HLA?A2 CAR lentiviral vector prevention of chronic rejection after organ transplantation services contract manufacturing bioproduction Transplantation Services contract
2017-06-16 Recordati (Italy) Mimetech (Italy) low molecular weight peptidomimetic of human nerve growth factor (NGF) ((1S,4R,5R,7S)-3,4-dibenzyl-2-oxo-6,8-dioxa-3-azabyciclo[3.2.1]octane-7-carboxylic acid-L-lysine) neurotrophic keratitis licensing - development - commercialisation Rare diseases - Ophtalmological diseases Licensing agreement
2017-06-15 CitoxLab (France) KaLy-Cell (France) in vitro and ex vivo testing for hepatotoxicity and metabolism collaboration Technology - Services Collaboration agreement
2017-06-13 Ablynx (Belgium) nomination Nomination
2017-06-12 Zealand Pharma (Denmark) Helsinn Healthcare (Switzerland) elsiglutide chemotherapy-induced diarrhea termination of an agreement Cancer - Oncology Termination of an agreement
2017-06-12 Tiziana Life Sciences (UK) nomination Autoimmune diseases - Cancer - Oncology Nomination
2017-06-12 GlycoMimetics (USA - Md) nomination Nomination
2017-06-09 Ascensia Diabetes Care (Switzerland) Voluntis (France) insulin management solutions. type 2 diabetes development Metabolic diseases Development agreement
2017-06-08 Vertex Pharmaceuticals (USA - MA) nomination Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Nomination
2017-06-07 AstraZeneca (UK) Grunenthal (Germany) Zomig® migraines, cluster headaches product acquisition CNS diseases - Neurological diseases Product acquisition
2017-06-07 Aimmune Therapeutics (USA - CA) previously Allergen Research Corporation (ARC) commercial manufacturing facility in Clearwater opening of new premises Allergic diseases Opening of new premises
2017-06-06 Axovant Sciences (USA - NY) nomination CNS diseases - Neurological diseases Nomination
2017-06-06 Crispr Therapeutics (Switzerland - UK) MaSTherCell (Belgium) CTX101 , allogeneic CAR-T therapies CD19 positive malignancies development - manufacturing - bioproduction Cancer - Oncology Development agreement
2017-06-05 CTI BioPharma - previously known as Cell Therapeutics (USA - WA) nomination Cancer - Oncology Nomination