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Date Company Compound Disease Type of agreement Therapeutic area Type of Information
2018-01-08 Five Prime Therapeutics (USA - CA) BMS (USA - NY) immuno-oncology therapies directed toward targets in three undisclosed immune checkpoint pathways R&D - development - commercialisation Cancer - Oncology Milestone
2018-01-08 GSK (UK) Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (USA - NY) UK Biobank (UK) IBM Watson Health (USA) Abbvie (USA - IL) Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (USA - MA) AstraZEneca (UK) Biogen (USA - MA) Pfizer (USA - NY) genetic exome sequence data collaboration - research Technology - Services Collaboration agreement
2018-01-08 Innate Pharma (France) chief scientific officer nomination Cancer - Oncology - Immunological diseases Nomination
2018-01-08 Heidelberg Pharma (Germany) Advanced Proteome Therapeutics (Canada) antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) collaboration Cancer - Oncology Milestone
2018-01-08 Adaptimmune (UK) Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (UK) SPEAR T-cell therapies production - manufacturing Technology - Services Production agreement
2018-01-08 Bioaster (France) Sanofi Pasteur (France) MOSAIC (MOlecular Signatures of Adjuvanted vaccIne Candidates) project collaboration - research Infectious diseases Collaboration agreement
2018-01-07 Genzyme (USA - MA), a Sanofi company (France) - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (USA - MA) RNAi therapeutics including ALN-AT3, fitusiran, patisiran and ALN-TTRsc02 rare genetic diseases including hemophilia A, hemophilia B development - commercialisation Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Development agreement
2018-01-05 Takeda Pharmaceutical (Japan) Denali Therapeutics (USA - CA) up to three specified therapeutic product candidates for neurodegenerative diseases neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and other indications collaboration - development - commercialisation Neurodegenerative diseases Development agreement
2018-01-05 Aduro Biotech (USA - CA) chief financial officer nomination Cancer - Oncology Nomination
2018-01-05 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, now Avid Bioservices (USA - CA) restructuring Technology - Services Restructuring
2018-01-05 Retrotophin (USA - CA) Censa Pharmaceuticals (USA - MA) CNSA-001 phenylketonuria development Rare diseases - Genetic diseases - Metabolic diseases Development agreement
2018-01-05 Antabio (Fance) chief financial officer - clinical director - chief development officer   nomination Infectious diseases Nomination
2018-01-04 Pierre Fabre (France) Boston Pharmaceuticals (USA - MA) F17727 atrial fibrillation licensing Cardiovascular diseases Licensing agreement
2018-01-04 Adaptimmune (UK) vice-president nomination Cancer - Oncology Nomination
2018-01-04 Arcturus Therapeutics (USA - CA) Curevac (Germany) up to four messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics  for enzyme replacement and antibody generation ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency development Rare diseases - Genetic diseases Development agreement
2018-01-03 Allergan (USA) Molecular Partners (Switzerland) therapeutic DARPin® products including dual anti-VEGF-A/PDGF-B DARPin® MP0260, abicipar and its corresponding backups exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and related conditions, serious ophthalmic diseases research - development - licensing - commercialisation Ophtalmological diseases Exercise of an option agreement
2018-01-03 Myriad Genetics (USA - UT) AstraZeneca (UK) companion diagnostics for the olaparib Phase 3 clinical development program,, myChoice® HRD Plus various tumor types including BRCA-mutated breast and ovarian cancers collaboration - development Cancer - Oncology Collaboration agreement
2018-01-03 Janssen Biotech, a J&J company (USA - NJ) Alligator Bioscience (Sweden) ADC-1013 (JNJ64457107) licensing Cancer - Oncology Milestone
2018-01-03 Nicox (France) nomination Ophtalmological diseases Nomination
2018-01-03 Oxford BioDynamics (UK) undisclosed major US biopharmaceutical company
  • EpiSwitch™ technology for use in the development of new predictive biomarkers for immuno-oncology therapies
  • EpiSwitch™ technology for use in the analysis of structure-function of genome architecture and new insights into fibrotic mechanisms, new targets and new biomarkers
collaboration - development Cancer - Oncology - Fibrotic diseases Collaboration agreement